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We can all play our part in a prosperous future. We’d like to share our scientific knowledge with you so you can build a clear picture around whether you think your area would be the right place for a Geological Disposal Facility for Nuclear waste.

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What is a GDF?

We’ve been using nuclear technology here in the UK for over 60 years. We use it to power our homes, in businesses and in medical procedures. In doing so, we’ve created nuclear waste. This is currently stored above ground, but a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is now internationally recognised as the best long-term solution to dispose of nuclear waste. We are currently searching for a suitable location for a GDF in the UK. It will be entirely dependent on the geology of the area and the support of the local community to make it work.

Building a GDF is one of the largest environmental protection infrastructure projects of its kind. A community that chooses to host a GDF will benefit from investment in local infrastructure and facilities to support the community vision and plans for the area.

Investment & Funding

This is a major infrastructure project with guaranteed local investment for communities that participate in the siting process for a GDF. Investments will increase once investigations progress.

Jobs & Skills

The construction and operation of a GDF will provide thousands of highly skilled jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships for the next 175 years. These roles will be in construction, engineering, safety, security and operations, amongst others.


Building a GDF in an area will bring improvements in the infrastructure to that area with developments in roads, rail and a focus on public facilities like schools and hospitals.

Community & The Future

Work on a GDF will carry on into the future, generating 2000 jobs a year. It’s a long-term project which will continue to benefit the next generation and the generation after that.

What’s next?

There are already 4 local areas in the UK who have started a conversation about being the location for the GDF, where the siting process has begun. If you think your area could benefit from the opportunities a GDF could bring, then register today for a confidential discussion.

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